May 15, 2009

??Walking??& Funny Word Friday

Since school is out and I have some ME time. I'm trying to be "healthier" so I can sleep better.

Somethings i'm trying to do differently

Instead of tea with breakfast I drink Orange juice

I wait till dinner to have tea

If I eat a snack between meals I opt for a watermelon slice, no salt, and a glass of water.

And going for a walk...

Walking has been the hardest...and not because of just getting out and doing it but because of Dogs.

People aren't keeping their dogs on a leash, behind a fence, or in their houses. No offense to anyone who has a dog, I've had many in my life, but some dogs only like their masters and NO one else.

I have a great fear of dogs now because last summer I was attacked by a dog, I was walking to my car and the neighbor to my grandmother let their dog loose and he ran for me, I tried swinging my bag at it and nothing. I yelled at it I tried to slowly back to my car.

And what pissed my off the most was a man who works for the city (water, gas, electrical) he literally looked and got into his truck and drove off. Left me with a vicious dog.


>.> sorry kinda got away from the subject. The problem is that there are some streets I have to avoid (ever since the dog thing I know where almost every dog is with in a 4 block radius of my house) and it makes it hard to walk. I'll be about to walk down a street and remember then have to back track. I went walking and only walked....maybe 5 blocks (with hills). It just annoys me that I can't just walk without having to remember what streets are safe or not.

Also I think i'm going to do a funny word Friday thing until I run out of funny words...

Today's funny word is....

Flabbergast:(v) to be overcome with amazement


  1. I'm kind of afraid of dogs too. I've gotten a little better. My boyfriend has a pitbull and lab mix. Scary. It hasn't attacked, but it only growls at me. And it always growls at me.

    The people that live up the street from me thought it would be okay to let their pitbulls roam our street freely. One of our neighbors, named Elvis, found the dog and returned it. Then he threatened to kill the dog if he ever saw it roaming again. Two days later a fence was put up in those people's yards.