May 1, 2009

"I'll always protect you"

I really enjoy this short film, Kung Fu Love, made by 4 degrees studio. The main girl is called Hanako, but usually referred to as Hana. Her boyfriend has a name but she almost always calls him Darling. It's a very short film. Lasting 10mins. The film is apart of a 4 part series that the studio did. Amazing Nuts 1,2,3, & 4. Kung fu love is the 3rd. I really wish I could go into more detail with this but because it is such a short film I don't want to ruin it if anyone does happen to watch. It's such a lovely film. It is in Japanese but it had subtitles at the bottom. Bright side is there isn't much talking after 5 minutes.

I did a polyvore inspired by Hanako from the short film. If you watch it, all of the things in here will make sense.

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