May 13, 2009

Top Favorite Actresses

I'm posting this because yesterday I was watching Underworld 3 and the person I watched it with thought the girl from the first Underworld was the same person. She's not...just for the record. I like the girl in the 3rd movie much much better!! So I got to thinking about my favorite actresses in general.

There not in an order from least to greatest I'm just listing.

(Photo Below: Dame Judi Dench)

Most of you might not recognize her in this picture but you'll know her best from her part in 007: Casino Royal as M.
Liked her best in "As time Goes By: Tv Series"

(Photo Below: Dame Maggie Smith)

Most noted for her role as Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter.
Liked her best in "Hook", "The Secret Garden", and "Divine secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood"

(Photo Below: Cate Blanchett)

I believe she's most remember now for being in Benjamin Button.
Liked her best in "The Missing" and "The Lord of the Rings"

(Photo below: Judy Carne)

Most of you might not remember her but I really enjoyed her best from the 1969 tv show Rowan & Martins Laugh In. That was an unbelievably funny show. She's the one that said "Sock it to me" all the time! I use to have this channel called Trio. Most amazing channel EVER!!! YOU HEAR THAT TV COMPANIES, BEST CHANNEL EVER!! They took it off my network...grr.

(Photo Below: Diane Lane)

I'm not sure what's she most noted for but her most recent movie was Killshot.
Liked her best in "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Must Love Dogs" I haven't watched it yet but I would like to see the movie "Untraceable" which she stars in.

(Photo Below: Stephanie Leondias)

She's a relatively new actress. I liked her best in "Mirror Mask" as the main character Helena. She looks much younger than she is, 24.

(Photo Below: Rhona Mitra)

This is the lady that started it all!! She plays in the Underworld 3 movie and that is where I like her best. Can you believe this lady thinks she's got a fat butt...for shame!

(photo below: Claire Forlani)

She's been in dozens of movies but I like her best in "CSI: New York as Doctor Peyton"

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  1. Love Cate Blanchett!
    Now I want to watch the Lord of the Rings.