May 11, 2009


Last night around 1am I watched a silent japanese film on TMC (turner movie classics) The photo below, I was lucky enough to find, was from the movie I watch.

(photo found on google)

The story is about a painter who wondered around for 100 years (never aged a day) to find his "princess" who happened to be the girl in the photo above. She wasn't a real princess but she was the reincarnation of her. Her name was Umi-Ko. The man painted while he search and he would only paint dragons

(photo by KH2rac found at

After he found his beloved he lost his ability to paint. Umi-ko was so upset that she had taken away his gift that she "killed her self" and left a note behind for him. He was so depressed and in turn tried to kill himself but failed. In his deep depression he painted a glorious picture of a man and woman flying on the wind and dragons flying around them. It sold for a lot of money and umi-ko's father was very happy.

(Photo by Wili Hybrid Found at
He still missed his love and after he sold his painting he went back to the house and Umi-ko came through the door. He looked at her as if she were a ghost. But she wasn't. She had left and waited for him to start painting again. After his ability came back she did too.

At first I was really into the story; Love, art, and lost. But after I found out that Umi-ko didn't die she just tricked him into painting out of depression and then them making money off the painting...I was a little irritated by it. I felt bad for the guy but he seemed all well with it. He even gave her a big hug, which was a lot back then.

I enjoyed watching the old silent film, it was a complete change. I didn't get the name but I found out it was made in 1919.


  1. a silent film.. was it set to music?

    Your description made it sound so good until I got to the end. I think I would hate that kind of ending. What a horrible trick to play on a person

  2. That's a lovely picture.

    I'm with you; I would be so pissed at her...