May 6, 2009


I bought a book after Cuileann gave it a review on with one word. "Wow." I couldn't pass up a book that she described with one word, now could I?

Book: The Book Of Nightmares by Galway Kinnell

I think my favorite lines (book of poetry) are...

Chapter 3 poem 7

"but when the crone
held up my crystal skull to the moon
you will feel all your bones break
over the holy waters you will never drink"

Chapter 4 poem 2

"......O God, I thought. My breath came short, my heart opened. O God I thought, now I have a demon lover."

Chapter 6 Poem 4

(My personal Favorite Line in the whole book)

"....That there shall be one acre in the world where the kissing flower may bloom, which kisses you so long your bones explode under its lips."


  1. Ooh, you read it already! YAY. It makes me so happy being able to talk about a book with someone else who's read it. There really were some very striking lines. Want to own it.
    What did you think of it as a whole?

  2. I was actually amazed at the writing style for his area. I.E. the "f**k you finger" and the "chromium testicles".

    My dad actually read it when he was in high school, his English teacher liked it and asked them to read it.

    I liked how his poetry used body parts, motions, and actions rather than so much riding on the places. His was more about the action than the place. I liked how he took such normal acts and make them seem so huge.

    I bought my copy at in the used section for 1.99 + shipping...all together $5. It's practically new not a scratch on it or any highlighting, which I was afraid of.