May 19, 2009

Gray Area??

I thought the other day about how some times I will tell someone something just because it's the shortest possible answer. It's not that I don't have the time to explain, I just feel like people wouldn't want to listen to the lengthy version.

Point one: I'm claustrophobic, I do not like things around my neck. I feel like i'm choking. This came around after I had a horrible ear infection. I don't know how the two are related but I started having reactions to necklaces or turtle necks after that.

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Point two: I'm claustrophobic, but I don't mind small rooms. I actually kind of like small cozy rooms. Mind you I wouldn't want to be locked in a room but being in a small room is okay.

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Point one: I don't like candy or sweets, I just don't have a taste for it. I also don't like the stickiness.

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Point two: once a year I get a craving for a crunch bar, usually in the cold part of the year.

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Point one: I am afraid of clowns, i keep looking away from this photo I despise them. I think this came from when I was younger, elementary school, they told us...don't talk to strangers, don't get into the CAR with anyone you Don't know. So We had a Christmas parade and a clown in a small car pulled up and asked if i wanted to ride the rest of the way of the parade... WELL F**K No!! I cried and screamed till he got back into his evil little clown car and drove off like a crazy drunk.

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Point two: I can totally look at this and not think's actually cute!

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  1. No way...lengthy versions ftw.

    That is hilarious about the clown.

  2. I've never known anyone to not like sweets. I think I eat enough sweets for the both of us.

    I like listening to the long versions. I mean, if I somehow feel connected to the person. It frustrates me when people say "Long story short..." Because I always come back with a myriad of questions. So, it's like they're telling me the long version anyway.