August 25, 2010

Tune Tuesday + an anime

I finished watching the anime "Red Garden" just recently and rather liked it. The art itself was different, the location was set in New York, and the girls weren't what you would consider the norm for that genre (i.e. no big boobs, not ditsy or over eager). It's about four girls who have already died. They were given fake bodies and were forced into fighting for a secret society that they know nothing about. There are 22 episodes and an OVA episode. I would highly recommend to anyone who watches it to also find the OVA episode because it shows you what they became centuries later. It was very interesting.

Marina & The Diamonds is unique for the most part. She isn't afraid to sound off, if that makes sense but it works. The song below is "obsessions" and you can check out her page HERE for more info.


  1. oh since reading this I've been trying to get Mr. to download it no luck.. hopefully I'll be able to find it elsewhere...

  2. Oh, she sounds almost like Florence + The Machine with a little bit of Ingrid Michaelson (just at the start) I like it.

  3. I LOVE Marina. Her whole cd is amazing.

  4. Namine: oh, I really hope you find it! i think you might be able to find someone who's put it on youtube..they take an episode and break it down into 3 separate videos

    Meleonie & Erin: I know I really like her style, it is close to Florence..