August 9, 2010

Day 18 + Tagged

The person you wish you could be: Healthy, happy, creative, strong, outgoing, and full of smiles.... that's what i'm striving for right now. Tomorrow is "someone that pesters you"

Meleonie tagged me to do a 4 things meme and chose 4 people to pass it on to but I say anyone who wants to can!

4 things in my bag: cellphone, book, pen, camera

4 things in my purse: I don't carry one

4 things I've wanted to do: bungee jump, visit another country, get married, make a life for myself

4 things i'm currently into: photography, music, making lists, and reading

4 things you didn't know about me: I don't wear perfumes, I don't paint my nails, I never went to preschool, and I whelp easily.

4 songs I can't get out of my head: A little less conversation-Elvis, undead-hollywood undead, 2 warz-slot, and purr-tides from nebula


  1. I am much to chicken to bungee jump! I didn't go to preschool either...

    love the new look!

  2. Wow! I got a surprise when I went on your blog! The new look is awesome!! :D Hah, I love the songs on that iPod thing :DD Two Door Cinema Club + Vampire Weekend + A Fine Frenzy + Erin McCarley= Awesomeness. Haha. Oh, I hate painting my nails too :/ I did it the other day and I had to take it off after about a day.

  3. Thanks girls, I was in need of a bloggy-make over!

    Namine-I think I will be afraid to bungee jump, but I really want to know the feeling!

    meleonie-Glad you like it, I will change it every now and again. And you get further than I do I just don't even attempt it anymore. I don't mind doing my toe nails but i fail at finger nails.