August 20, 2010

Day 27 + 28

The friendliest person you knew for one day: That would be Stephanie. She was assigned the seat next to me during graduation. I never had the chance to have a class with her but while rehearsal and graduation itself I had a really great time talking with her. She was a music major and you could tell. She oozed creativity. She had wavy slightly frizzy blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She was a bit shorter than me but she was comfortable in her could see that too. She had a picture of her boyfriend set as wall paper on her cell, they were engaged.

Someone that changed your life: I say, everyone I have ever met or spoken to. And I mean that.

P.s. The doctors visit was long, from 11:00am till 5:00pm. We still don't know what I have but we do know what I don't. I don't have gall stones or masses anywhere. We think it's more of a condition like irritable bowel syndrome but they want to do a few more tests before deciding. I go back Monday.


  1. I'm glad they've figured it's neither of those more serious things...

  2. I hope you feel better really really soon...!

  3. Aww, that's quite sweet. Its kind of funny how you end up meeting really lovely people AFTER school. Phew! I'm glad it isn't masses or gall stones! :S I hope they figure it out soon! <3

  4. omg I hope they figure out what's going on. That's a long doctor's appointment. That's awesome about Stephanie the girl beside you what a lovely thing to write about a person!