December 23, 2009

Play A Game...

Last night, for nostalgia reasons, Jodi and I played on my old Super Nintendo. Which looks like the one below but a bit dirtier..cough. We had a blast since we rarely get to play games together it's usually he plays a game and then I'll get on the computer and play my game. So this was fun for both, even though I completely kicked his butt at the game. hahahaha

Took me about 14 years to beat it though, not 14 years straight or anything that would be horrible. I would play it for about 3 days and put it away for a year, then pull it out and play a few days, put it back into get the picture

But what I was thinking about last night was how far games have actually come..not surprising really but it's cool to look at the two side by side.

This is the game Jodi and I were playing last night, It's Super Mario World. This guys version is a lot cleaner looking than mine but I think this is the computer version that came out years ago. But it's the same set up.

And here we have the New Final Fantasy 13 Versus game that is going to come out soon. Gah they make them look almost real. I can only imagine what games will be in 2 to 5 years time.

Question: What is your favorite video game to play?


  1. I am loving the new super mario bros game for the wii!!
    it is totally crazy what they can do with games now

    LOVE THE BACKGROUND! Totally just notice.

  2. hahaha thanks I thought I should be festive since christmas is less than a day away!!

    I haven't played the new mario game for the wii the last mario game for the wii was that brawl game but that included multiple characters from Link to kerbie

  3. Zomg, I love video games so much my head could explode! I've been playing since I was a little one-- Super Mario Kart, Mario's Time Machine. It wasn't until I played FFVIII that I became obsessed with video games though. That question is hard for me to answer-- obviously anything Final Fantasy (as long as it's not FF Tactics). I also love Kingdom Hearts. I love RPGs in general.
    My boyfriend and I split the cost of the XBox 360 which is known for it's first person shooters. I'd never played one before, but turns out those are really addictive too. I was really big into Left 4 Dead for a while. Now, I'm obsessed with Borderlands!
    I also love Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3.
    Oh! And Black and White 2, which is for the computer.

  4. I've played left 4 dead, but only because jodi practically shoved the controller in my hands, I have this thing about things running me, I just start shooting all my bullets away. recently Jodi and I are playing Aion, and he's been playing the new batman game. I think besides mario games my favorite games were, Little Big Planet, Folklore, Halo, Soul Caliber, I use to play Conan & world of War Hammer but they both flopped. I'm okay at a racing game if I get the motorcycle.. hahaha

    Jodi's better at games than me so when I beat him I like to hold on to that!

    hehehe, Hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!

  5. I have sonic the hedgehog on wii - but I prefer playing it on my iphone because it's like the old sega megadrive version!

  6. oh wow I haven't played a sonic game in a long time! ...i'll see if I can find a sonic game, Usually when I played sonic it was at someone else's house or it was one of those little hand held games.

    aw...memories!! XD