December 6, 2009

Inspiration Contemplation

I've been wanting to make over my room for a while now. I feel like i'm half way there in the color palette. I like my space to be white and clean but with splashes of colors that can be interchanged. I like to think of my room style as simple modern alternative.. yeah that just rolls off the tongue.I really enjoy music so I want to find some music or band posters to fill up my practically bare walls. Other than my collection of postcards i've received there is nothing on them. I think after I went through this weird phase with paint I was really hesitant to put anything up or put unwanted holes in the walls. I had a mishap of painting my whole room neon green once. If you ever drove past my house it was like an alien invasion going on from my room. I could turn the lights out and it was still bright. Yeah the green didn't last long. Right now it's Studio beige. Something else I want to incorporate is Christmas lights. They are so lovely and romantically magical. Why can we only have them in the winter? Nay I say, I will have them year round! Once I can figure out how to have them without all the cords. I mentioned before that I really like white as by base color. On the down side I have a gray cat that loves to sleep on my bed which is like the one in the picture. A simple white duvet with a white cover. After a week of the cat sleeping and taking naps you can see this gray shadow on the bed from her shedding. I wash my sheets once a week. I would even if I didn't have a cat but you get the idea. It's hard to keep it clean, but i'll try and manage. I have two DIY projects I want to cover before summer next year. The first is a low standing coffee table.It's really hard to find a coffee table that you like within your budget. The coffee table below is really close to what i'm picturing in my head but I will be making it out of Plywood and I don't like the round edges. I like that you can store things on the bottom and I want a place out in the open my books and music for easy access. I'm pretty certain I will paint it white. The second Project is a couch. Yeah I know it sounds daunting. It's a fairly simple design. I think the hard part is just putting it together and not forgetting some key pieces. The Lady who made this bought her cushions from IKEA but I hope to make them my self. I've made cushions before and they're easy but sometimes they can be pricey compared to what you buy in a store. Depends on if I can get a great deal or not. I don't want mine to be this wide though. I just want a small little lounge space to sit, do work, and relax. Sometimes it's kind of boring to always sit on your bed to watch t.v. or do your homework .. or relax... plus sleep.I don't think I will start work on this till after Christmas, maybe January. When I do I will keep you all informed and post pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. Dark cats sleep on light coloured things. Light cats sleep on dark coloured things. It's a law of nature!