December 9, 2009

Book Review and Interview!

Eyes Like Stars was a lovely read full of mystery and action! The story takes place in a theater unlike any other. This theater is a world of it's own with rules that if broken have dire consequences. Beatrice, or Bertie as her close friends call her, is the trouble making hero of the story and definitely has a commanding personality that can't be ignored. I give this a 5 out of 5. It kept my attention from start to finish, unique characters, some devilish mischief, and it's all together a thrilling story! I can't wait for the second installment to hit the shelves!

Venture forth to the Theatre Illuminata for more information on Eyes Like Stars!

click HERE to see the main character bios!

Lisa Mantchev was so lovely to have an interview with me! Thanks again Lisa you are truly amazing!

Book Questions

Me: 1. What made you get into writing?
Lisa: I've been writing short stories and poems since the third grade... it's something I loved almost as much as reading.

Me: 2. What advice would you give people who were looking to get into

Lisa: If you want to be published, you really need to treat it like your second job. Put your bum in the chair, put in the hours and the hard work, behave professionally... all the things you would do in your workplace for a paycheck.

Me: 3. If you could have a date with Nate or Ariel who would you choose?
Lisa: I'm married, so that's not an option. *ahem*

Me: 4. If you worked in a theater what job would you have?
Lisa: I've worked in the theater (albeit not professionally) and I've done everything from paint sets to change and wash costumes to direct. My original love was acting, though!

Me: 5. Is there a character you modeled after yourself or someone you

Lisa: There's a lot of me in Bertie, that's for certain... I have a love of coffee and pastry, I like wearing Mary Janes, and I like to dye my hair crazy colors, although I've never gone blue!

Random Questions:

Me: 6. What are some of your favorite websites to visit?
Lisa:,, eBay... That about covers the cake, the cute, and the shopping, right?

Me: 7. Favorite cake flavor?

Lisa: Some variety of chocolate with fudgy frosting, although I am also a sucker for a raspberry marzipan layer cake my sister gets in Seattle.

Me: 8. If your style had a name what would it be?
Lisa: My writing style? Magic realism, I suppose.

Me: 9. If the world ran out of sweets what would you do?
Lisa: Plant sugar cane and set up bee hives!

Me: 10. Favorite holiday?
Lisa: Halloween... I love costuming!

Me: Extra Question: Lollipops or Suckers (dum dums)?
Lisa: Suckers, but the Tootsie Roll Pop kind!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it together!


  1. I totally wanna read the book!!

    That is so awesome got to do an interview!! Love your questions and her answers!!

  2. Looks like an interesting read! I may have to check it out during break.