December 9, 2009

Oh Dear!

I want to say thank you too all the lovely ladies who dropped by yesterday to say "Merry SITSmas" I appreciate it.

Here are the ladies who took a chance and dropped by last night!

Angry Julie Monday
Moments of Mommyhood
One Crafty Mama!
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Hurricane Riley and his Big Brother Rex
Random Thoughts at 65 MPH
2 Toddlers and Me
OF Mice and Ramen
Joy to the blog

I had fun looking through blogs last night, didn't through them all. What am I kidding I didn't get through 1/4 of them on the list. I did find some pretty cool blogs though! I will post them later. I also didn't realize how many mother bloggers there were.


1 comment:

  1. You will love SITS! I have found so many great blogs that way :)