October 15, 2010

Treats and Sweets

Halloween is so close I can smell it! I have my PUMPKIN ready to be carved next weekish and my COSTUME is set. I need to pick up some candy for the littles though. But i've picked out a MOVIE I want to watch later that night with the boyfriend. So my questions for you are the following....

what are you going to be or what's the best costume you saw someone wear?
your must see scary movie?
Your favorite sweet treat?


  1. Not going to lie that movie looks good but my Halloween plans? Last year I got everything ON Halloween Day so who knows what mine will involve this year. Haha, hope you have a good one though!

  2. I am not dressing up this year because I don't work Halloween and we aren't going out anywhere. My favorite treat is anything chewy, like jujubes or nibs or whatever. I don't think I have watched any scary movies. But it sounds like you have the night all planned and it would be fun to see how people do halloween. I never did halloween as a kid, so I am never sure what one should do, so I usually spend it like any other normal day. this is a long comment. Sry. Love your costume choice and post pictures!

  3. i love Halloween one of my favorite holidays, I will take many pictures! and I have never heard of jujubes....i'm curious...GOOGLE!!!