October 6, 2010

Just ask!

Hay dears, a little while ago you voted for what you would want to see more of on MCB, vlogging or v-posts was the winner. The last time I did a v-post I said you could ask me any question and I would answer it. I'm doing that again! Ask a question and I will answer it; whether it's a heated debate topic, simple preference, or opinion question I'll answer it. I will vlog about other things in the future, this is just helping me get used to it.

You post your question below in the comment section or you can go to MCB's formspring page and ask anonymously.


  1. Hey so maybe could you check out this cool band I' helping promote? They're Dear Christie and they're really good. http://www.myspace.com/dearchristie
    That's where you can hear their music. They're still starting out so it's pretty cool :)

  2. favorite book?
    favorite song?
    favorite piece of clothing?
    what's a formspring??