October 10, 2010

Number 9 (check)

I've been thinking about this one for a long time. Love is a complex emotion, one that even the smartest of us out there has a hard time explaining. I realize that I'm not always going to be happy with my body, but for the most part we are thick as thieves. We've grown and shrunk together and will continue to. I have beauty marks, scars, stretch marks, spider veins, and rough feet. But I also have long eye lashes, small hands, a who-nose as my friends call it, and i'm relatively comfy to lay on as I've been told. I also realized that my relationship with my body is a give and take arrangement. If I show it love and care, it will give it back to me. But if I don't take care of my body then things will get nasty! I love you body, you've been with me forever and will until the end, let's make it special!


  1. Thank you, It took me a while to figure that out, I just hope I never forget it.

  2. Aww, what a lovely post! Glad to hear it!