July 10, 2009

Potatos the miracle food!

I absolutely love this kitchen. If my kitchen looked like this I would probably spend most if not all my time in it. Gorgeous... simply gorgeous!!

I found it here . It's my new favorite website. It's called Apartmenttherapy.com and people from different places with small living spaces show you how they designed their space or you can ask questions about how you want to design your space. Many people will ask if something is "hot or not" which in my opinion it shouldn't matter it's your space but I still love the website!

Also I found a website that's going to help me grow potatoes next summer. It's a little to late to try and grow them now but that's okay. See Even though I do have a reasonable room to plant I plan on growing tomatoes, corn, and okra. Potatoes don't need a lot of room but they tend to rot the soil after wards and you have to keep moving them to new spaces each new planting season. Other wise you'll have bad batch of potatoes. I found a way to grow them in a trash can. A clean one hahaha. I don't know which potatoes I want to grow yet though Kennebec or rustic are good for frying. Red Norland is really good for baking because of the slightly waxing texture but oh so good for frying too!! Geez i've been blabbing on a lot about potatoes but I can't help it I do love those little spuds so much..^. ^

Growing Potatoes

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  1. I LOVE apartmenttherapy!! Such a great site!

    Cute kitchen you showed. It looks comfy!! Those are the best kitchens!!