July 4, 2009

Link back contest

I was tagged by Under the sheets-shhh to do a 4th of July questionnaire contest.

The rules are to answer 4 questions and link back to her. So here it goes...

The Four Questions are:

1) Do you have a favorite firework that you wait to see every Fourth of July? I'm not sure what they are called but they are golden and fall down almost like a weeping willow.

2) Tell me the one Fourth of July memory, that makes you smile.
Well when I was a young girl my dad use to shoot off fireworks. Everyone on our street would come and sit in our yard and watch the fireworks. One year we almost set a tree on fire. Giggle giggle

3) What food do you crave at a Fourth of July picnic?
I would have to say Watermelon!

4) And for my fashionistas, what is the perfect outfit to watch the fireworks in.
hmm, a sundress ....mainly because that's what I wore! ^. ^

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