July 26, 2009

Makes me ill

Before I begin my rant, I watched this small series called "My Holiday Hostage Hell". They were true stories about how tourists had been held hostage for ransom money. One episode told the story about a woman and her mother going to Bolivia. They got into a taxi van that wasn't what it seemed to be. They tied them up and demanded they give them their card numbers or be shot. One of the kidnappers sexually violated the younger of the two. They where set free in a dangerous gang neighborhood after being held for almost 24 hours. They called the British embassy who would not help them since it wasn't a week day. They ended up contacting the Polish embassy who they said helped greatly. There were also two other stories I watched and those weren't so lucky they were held from 6months to a year. The lesson is to make sure if you're going somewhere, especially if they don't speak the same language, to look up in travel guides about spots to avoid or contact travel agencies if anything like that has happened recently.

Okay time for me to rant!

I was watching possibly the most depressing channel, the history channel. It started off with the Kent State Shooting, then moved to the Romanov murders, and then lastly the nylon killings. After the nylon I was filled with so much sadness and anger I had to change the channel.

The Kent state shooting happened while the Vietnam War was happening, That wasn't the whole reason of the protest the students held that day. Some where protesting the right to protest and others where protesting peace. They called army men to keep the protest in order. But things did not go as they normally would. The army men fired upon the students for no reason. Killing four students, two of which weren't even apart of the protest but simply walking to class. I can't remember which boy it was that was walking to class but the girl in the bottom right hand corner was walking to class when she was shot dead. Normally in these situations they don't put ammo in their guns, they put their ammo on clips and wear them as an intimidation factor. Why were they ordered to shot we might never know. One of the soldiers who fired that day almost broke down with an apology, whether he meant it or not is up to you.

What really pissed me off was a comment an older lady said during an interview, she said "They deserved to be shot, they should have shot more, they were warned" First off B**** a young girl walking to class did not deserve to be killed. Second no they really weren't warned, They were talking to people and all of a sudden shots where fired. Basically it made me physically ill to hear someone say that. I do not approve of violent protests, it never gets anything done. College students across the united states started protesting (After the Kent state shootings) and some lead to violence as in mom and pop stores where broken into or ransacked which again I don't approve of. But what they lady said really got under my skin.

The Romanov murders where very emotional and very mysterious because no one really knows exactly what happened that night. Some hope that the family was not killed and only lived in secrecy. Or that Anastasia had fled and hid in secrecy. Many Movies where made around her. But sadly that was only a hope because a group of men found the skulls of the father, mother, and three of the girls. As far as I know they haven't found the bodies of the young son and one of one of the girls. I say one of because scientists are conflicted on whether one of the bodies is Anastasia or Maria.

(From Left to Right: Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, Olga, Alexia)


  1. I kinda want to find the show you are talking about but don't want to be depressed. I have read TONS of stories about the Romanov family

  2. I wonder why we are drawn to such tragedies? Sometimes it's hard not to come away from watching documentaries like these and still see good in the world, even though it's all around us every day. I don't know if avoiding them helps or hinders, but I do know that they hold a strange fascination for me.