July 8, 2009

Death by Twitter

You can check out the story here. The short story is a 17 year old Romanian girl accidentally electrocuted herself but trying to update her twitter page, on a laptop, in the tub. Her battery was dying so with wet hands she plugged it into an outlet. I'm not trying to be mean, but when I heard this it made me extremely sad and worried. Sad for the loss of the parents and worried because this girl was 17. Most, if not all, of us should know to not mix electronics and water. It'll either kill the gadget or you in the process. Same with a hair dryer or cd player, it doesn't mix with water. I was at a loss for words...


  1. Yikes. I guess maybe that says something about today's generation. We know so much about technology and social networking obsession but so little about commonsense. So sad she lost her life over something so silly.