August 10, 2009

My style ....if you can call it that

1. I tend to lean more towards long loose vests than the ones that come right under your chest...they don't look right on me.

2. See the price above ($425/$58) I never pay more than $30 on any type of clothing and that includes shoes. $30 is my limit...other wise my pocket and my conscious hurts.

3. I love long shirts, I wish they made more. I want my shirt to cover the crotch of my jeans. If the shirt is to short I won't wear it out turns into a sleep shirt.

4. I always wear an undershirt, I can't just put a shirt on and go I have to have an undershirt.

5. I love Levi jeans, especially since each style/type of jean has a number and once you find a jean that fits you, you can keep ordering that number in different shades.

6. I hardly wear dresses but when I do, I tend to lean towards loose wavy flowy types. Sundresses are my favorite. They also have to at least come down to my knee.

Inspirations for my "style":
The 1920s - classic ((Plus I love a good trench coat and fedora, classic white button ups))
Hippies - loose fitting, natural colors, nature

Things I don't wear on a normal basis
turtle necks
short shorts
tights - I've never worn leggings but I'm okay with them


  1. oh, that's the kind of dress i love too! all flowy :)! i usually don't wear polos too.

    thank you for your lovely comment. and oh dear, i'm sorry but i just have so many penpals right now, i'm trying to find time to write them all. but thank you so much nevertheless ♥

  2. I'm so proud of you to have the discipline for not spending more than 30$...inspiring! I adore long shirts as well, I have mens shirts that I cherish...the more washings, the better they get somehow... ~Lovely week dear!


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    love lots,