August 20, 2009

Lovely Bones

I actually started bawling when I saw the trailer for this. It is so sad and beautiful at the same time it leaves you in awe. The director Peter Jackson has done it again with this one, if you thought Lord of the Rings was amazing the affects and dream world that he brings to the screen with Lovely Bones will leave you speechless. I can not wait to see this.

If you want to see the trailer that made me whimper go HERE. The featurette is a scene from the movie I didn't watch that...i didn't want to ruin anything, What I watched was just the trailer.

The movie is based on the book written by Alice Sebold. It tells the story of Susie Salmon who was murdered by her neighbor. The family wants justice for the murder of Susie but the detectives say they can't do anything with out evidence. Susie desperately tries to find a way to lead them in the right direction. Her murderer is still haunting her and since she seeks justice it keeps her in the "in between" world. Will she ever find the justice she seeks, will the neighbor be punished for his crimes?


  1. Creepy....The story line, not the trailer ;)

  2. I haven't read that book, but I want to. Have you? What did you think of it, if yes?

  3. I haven't read it either yet, and I always feel weird about reading a book and then watching the movie. The movie it usually doesn't do justice to the book but I've seen movies that I liked more than the book.

  4. I almost bought that book a few years back, but then decided against it for some reason.
    Peter Jackson is amazing, and that trailer gave me goosebumps! I definitely must see this movie when it comes out.

  5. I so felt the same way about this trailer! Looks like the movie will be intense but still really good.