June 28, 2009

The Last Mistress

I watched "The Last Mistress" today and I'm left at odds. I really did enjoy it and thought it was very dramatic and emotional. On the other hand i'm hesitant to openly tell others to watch it. It's an R film; nudity, sex, violence, and language(by the way its in French). Those things aren't the problem...

In one scene Vellini(the mistress) and Ryno de Marigny(we'll call him Ryno) have a child together. The little girl is sitting outside and is stung by a scorpion. She dies and Vellini can't come to terms with the loss. She cries and clings to her little girl for 3 days before she agrees to let Ryno burn the body. When Ryno starts the process she goes insane and demands they have sex together in front of the body. She strangles him, cries, and yells through the whole process. It's a very intense and emotional scene. I don't have a problem with the scene but i'm sure others wouldn't want to see the parents of a dead child screwing in front of its burning body.

Ryno leaves Vellini after the death of their daughter because she has become a nymphomaniac but when they are not screwing she hates him. He finds love in another but it can't be left alone. Vellini follows him where ever he goes. He can't escape her.

What will Ryno do? Kill Vellini? Does his new bride leave him? You'll have to watch the movie!

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  1. This was such an amazingly disturbing movie yet it was so beautifully done and the emotions felt between two people who are meant to be together though never fully get to be is just so well acted. True that it is a hard film to recommend; however, I would never change the fact that I got to experience this movie. Also I saw it in the theatre and even watching those scenes with others around was not unpleasant in the least - people understand. I just discovered your blog today (both of them). Love your photo-a-day site! I have been thinking of the same thing to start. Keep it up!