June 13, 2009

How far light travels in a year??

Sorry random question one I will soon give you the answer too. I am cleaning out my desk and I found an old crumpled paper assignment from 2 semesters ago. It was from astrology class...

Note: my notes might not make sense to you....


60(6x10^1) seconds in a minute
60(6x10^1) minutes in a hour

3.6 x 10^3 seconds per hour


(3x10^5 km/s) x ( 3.6 X10^3 (something I can't make out)= (1.08 x 10^9 km/h)

(2.4x10^1)hours in a day
(3.65x10^2)days in a year

24x365=8760 ...round it

8.77x10^3 h/year

(1.08x10^9km/h)x(8.77x10^3 h/year) = 9.46 x 10^12 km/y

soooooooooo in long version

9471600000000 km in a year.

phew.....glad I don't have to take that class again....

now i'm throwing that piece of paper away.....

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